TM Technologies – Quick Look


TM Technologies has invented and markets radio frequency products that can ease the coming radio frequency spectrum deficit, accelerate 5G adoption by consumers and lower costs for wireless carriers and equipment manufacturers.

This patented technology is called Transpositional Modulation (TM)  and is a new form of radio frequency modulation.

The increased bandwidth that TM can provide is vital to the continued growth and financial health of many prominent technology sectors including: ecommerce, The Internet of Things (IoT, ), satellite communications, WiFi, cloud computing and more.

The crunch with far-reaching technology implications

A bandwidth crunch (also known as “spectrum deficit”) would stall global sales and innovation of:

  • Cell Phones
  • Wireless Broadcast and Data Access
  • eCommerce
  • Cloud Applications
  • The “Internet of Things,” (IoT)
  • Other Digital Technologies.

TMT’s first-mover advantages

Transpositional Modulation or ‘TM’. (For TM details, please see: What is Transpositional Modulation? How does it work?)

TM has the potential to surpass the capabilities of current legacy methods such as AM, FM, PM and more recent variants such as QAM, FSK/PSK and OFDM.

What’s more, TM can be used on existing spectrum bands simultaneously with the other modulations without any appreciable interference.

TMT’s first-mover status has been advanced by experienced executives, top-rated economists, and a seasoned, highly accomplished scientific technology development team.

2016 product releases

Product prototypes are in the development and testing stages.

The first operational products, described later in this document, are scheduled for launch in November 2016.

The company is currently seeking partners, licensees, and follow-on funding, and is exploring joint ventures and other opportunities