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New Patent Issued To Protect Wireless Modulation Technology

 NEWS RELEASE March 14, 2016 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time TUCSON, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TM Technologies, Inc. (TMT) has been issued a new U.S. patent to add to its portfolio of intellectual property (IP) protection for its proprietary Transpositional Modulation (TM) technology, a new technical method for enabling wireless signals to carry information. TM was invented by […]

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What is Transpositional Modulation? How does it work?

NOTE: Right-click on any graphic below to view a larger image. Transpositional Modulation (TM) is a patented radio frequency waveform technology invented by Richard Gerdes for TM Technologies, Inc. (TMT). TM offers dramatic bandwidth increases for existing wireless and wired networks. TM accomplishes this by enabling the simultaneous transmission of two or more distinct data […]

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TM Technologies – the Company

TM Technologies, Inc., (TMT) is a Tucson, AZ wireless technology company that manufactures, markets and licenses patented technology products based on Transpositional Modulation (TM). TMT believes that its patented products can prevent or delay the onset of a wireless “bandwidth crunch” (also known as a radio frequency spectrum deficit). A  2016 third-party 2016 assessment (available […]

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