TMT’s added value to bidders in the current 600-MHz incentive auction

Fierce Wireless editor Colin Gibbs has written the best  600 MHz incentive auction primer we have seen.

The current 600-MHz auction, Gibbs notes, is a momentous undertaking for two reasons:

1. “This is likely to be the last major auction of low-band spectrum for the foreseeable future.”

2. “The events that will play out in the coming months will lay the foundation for the transition from 4G to 5G and beyond.”

Clear, concise, coherent

Gibbs manages to distill the entire Brobdingnagian reverse-and-forward process into its most important elements and offers a coherent look at:

  • The bidders: Comcast, Dish, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile + 99 more.
  • The spectrum: up to 126 MHz, but realistically 80 to 100 MHz
  • The price: All over the … uh, spectrum … from $25 to 80 Billion
  • The auction timetable: Reverse auction done sometime in July, and the forward auction by September. Unless another reverse auction is needed which mean it could drag into 2017.

The Gibbs’s entire article deserves a careful read with a hard copy tacked to the wall.

Doubling Bandwidth: TM Technolgies’s Added Value

One key point to keep in mind is the article’s statement of a fact that needs to be reiterated: “The newly available airwaves may not be deployed until 2020 or later, but they will play a major role as carriers develop their strategies for the next decade.”

This delay is because, on average, it takes from 13 to 18 years before new spectrum is deployed to consumers, according to CTIA(1)

The delay is significant because data indicates that a spectrum deficit looms:


While carriers and others rush to build out 5G infrastructure and wrestle with finding enough bandwidth for it, Transpositional Modulation (TM) can double the bandwidth of existing spectrum by retro-fitting existing hardware and backhaul.

Deploying TM can enable carriers to meet current demands at a cost that is a small fraction of building the infrastructure for new spectrum frequencies.

For more on that, please contact: Daniel Hodges, Chief Executive Officer – [email protected] – Phone: +1.520.512.5299

(1) Spectrum Timelines, whitepaper,

(That .pdf is no longer at that link but if you email [email protected] he will send you a copy.)